Hello, zibah here. No, I wasn’t kidnapped and I didn’t suddenly develop amnesia and forget 360zibah. So where have I been and what have I been up to? Save for the cold I developed a few days ago, I’ve been at NYSC Orientation Camp in Lagos. Yeah i’m a fresh graduate, bet you didn’t see that coming. So this time around, I do have a reasonable reason for going AWOL (so, no need to apologise, right?).

Now, camp! I’m not going to go into the deets of how;
* I registered on the very first day (i pushed, pinched, screamed, clawed and cursed alongside a thousand plus corpers who were equally impatient)
*Waking up by 4:30am makes me scream bloody murder
*Being around the opposite sex leaves my raging hormones….raging
* How burnt (black) my skin looked just after Day 2, plus the humongous pimples I developed (sobs). The sun rays here are absolutely evil.

Yeah, it (camp) would be over in about a week but then, what next? Would the Government ship me to  go teach in a government school or would I be placed in a hospital or…i anxiously wait to see how the future pans out.

Anyway, what have y’all been up to? Relax, Zibah would definitely write a post of my experience in camp….as soon as I get the hell outta here.

Miss y’ all.

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