Oya: The Rise of the Orisha


Before you ask, no she isn’t Storm (X-men) she is Oya, the Orisha of change and it isn’t cigarette smoke but er….wind coming out of her hand. I stumbled upon a video online made by the production team and I was totally psyched. It’s no secret that I am a closet geek; sci-fi movies, books, porn…whatever has telepaths, pyros, elementals etc I will consume. Below is a summary of the proposed film Oya: Rise of the Orisha.

“Rise of the Orisha focuses on a young woman named Adesuwa who has the unique ability to transform into the fearsome warrior goddess, Oya, the Orisha of change. When she changes, she gains amazing abilities. We follow Adesuwa as she goes on a head-stomping mission to keep the doorway between the Orisha and humanity closed. Be prepared for an action packed , mystical adventure as we explore the world of the Orisha.

I did a little research into Yoruba folklore to better understand who Orishas are.

Orishas are a collective of charismatic deities with specialized supernatural gifts, powers and responsibilities. Tradition has it that these supernatural beings once walked the earth with humanity. Some example includes; Obatala. Orunmila, Ozain, Lemanja etc”.

Yeah, so they are like the Nigeria equivalent of Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon etc.

Oya is a female warrior deity; divinity of the wind, sudden change, hurricanes, and underworld gates, a powerful sorceress and primary lover of Sango. I bet she would take storm down in a fight.

Anyway the production team was sourcing for fund for the project; about £5,000 but was able to raise £4,056. I really don’t know what stage they are in production but I hope at the end of the day they release something super impressive.

Click here to know more about the crew.


Nice hips Oya, me likey *winks*


THE ZIBAH FILES: Mademoiselle Soccer Mum (BOOK 2)


My name is Zibah and I was a CORPER….

No, my intro isn’t lame, what were you expecting- “My name is Zibah, I am a werewolf” or I’ve three balls? Get a grip already. Anyway, back to the Zibah Files. If you are just joining me, check out book 1 here, it’s currently a bestseller in New-York (I shit you not). Zibah Files is a memoir detailing my service year to Nigeria. It gives an insight to what a patr…..who am I kidding? Zibah Files is an avenue for me to bitch and moan about how unfair life was to me for about a year while I wore a horrible green and white costume (NYSC sorrow). Hope you enjoy it though, if you don’t, kindly send me a mail so I can respond by forwarding my bank account details for you to deposit a lump sum thus I can comfortably resign from my day hustle and spend more time making subsequent posts interesting.


It was an appalling situation, I just don’t get to be a teacher, form a bobtail club-Climate Change Club (say that in The Joker’s voice style. uh-huh! repeat it) and dress like a soccer mum I just learnt that I also have to work with three different public schools; one school for each day of the week except CDS days and Fridays (weekly meetings at the ministry). They extended me the courtesy of selecting schools of my choice. How thoughtful.


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