The wedding: Cake and Pepper Soup


Peju told me about the wedding; 2 elite families coming together in marriage. Peju happens to know the bride, they go way back from her stay overseas and she was eager to celebrate with her on her special day though I knew better, she was going for the food (same with me). I did not know the bride or the groom from Adam and I could care less if they were getting married or committing suicide though one thing I’ve learned about elite marriage ceremonies is to be present and expectant (2 things then). The last elite wedding invitation I turned down, I learnt that all guests had received N100, 000, Ipad Airs and great big bags containing designer gunk. I was only interested in the cash and Ipad, why? My account can do with the sprucing and my tech gluttony has no limit. Today, I was expecting something more dramatic to be given out to guests, like say latest model cars. What? I can hope.

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