Women are generally believed to be the most jealous of the sexes. That may be true and I’m sure there are several supporting examples dating back to the era of the Greek goddesses. However, men also have the uncanny ability to fall under the spell of jealousy. It is not something we will readily admit to. I have lost count of the number of times a buddy refused to talk to me because a girl he fancies cozied up to me or I got a new gadget he isn’t interested in but wants nonetheless or I get a new girlfriend (or side-side squeeze who happens to be hot) or purchased a pair of jeans (ridiculous yes but you best believe me). Well, below is a compiled list of things that gets our chains rankled, cause us to pause while raising our jealousy bar a notch higher;

The not-so-good-looking Guy that gets the chicks

brave man with the hot chic

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