I  came across a weird piece of male undergarment that left me bamboozled (*giggles*). I stared at it in awe and was quite puzzled about the design. This weird (weird to me anyway) male undergarment/panties is called a jockstrap. I did a ‘lil research and discovered that the jockstrap has been around for a while. It was invented in 1874 with the sole purpose of protecting the male gemstone especially those belonging to men involved in sports. It also provides support much like a bra, with a fabric pouch keeping the intimate area safely contained. Protection was provided with the addition of an optional cup that guarded against any potential impact.

A traditional jockstrap design utilizes a waistband, open rear (thus, a bum exposed to the elements? I don’t see the point here), supportive pouch and usually coming in boring shades of black or white. Currently, the jockstrap has been made into a fashion item. Today, there are several colours and types of modern jockstraps involving about five different fabrics each combined for visual appeal and functional purpose; Cotton provides comfort and absorbency. Rayon provides a visual sheen. Nylon provides a smooth texture and shiny finish. Polyamide adds durability and strength. Finally, spandex is used for its superb elasticity and ability to stretch without distorting the fabric.

There, I am done. Now the question is ‘Do Nigerian wear jockstraps for sport, as a fashion accessory….at all’? (I can just picture an agbero (a local ruffian) clad in only jockstrap chasing a commercial bus for money. Hilarious right?). Anyway, Can u wear a jockstrap underneath; your suit to work, your already constricting skinny jeans (with this alone, I’m surprised a male gemstone hasn’t ‘deflated’…yet), your native wears, your gym or football shorts. Can u wear a jockstrap, period?

P.S. These were the sanest/ most boring pictures I could find. I didn’t want barely concealed male booties all over my blog. What? You want more booties? Google ‘em then.