Smokey Voices


Have I ever mentioned how much I love ladies with smoky voices?


I’m in a commercial vehicle- squashed like contraband goods and wondering if I’m still connected to certain body-parts below my waist as I can’t feel anything. I have  ‘I need your love’- Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding filtering from my headphones into my mid-cortex and I’m spellbound by the throaty vocal prowess of Ellie (almost like Lana Del Rey). It’s like she is just recovering from a particularly bad case of the  catarrh or something. Yea yea, wrong analogy, sue me. I’m also reminded of my one true crush- Blake Lively.

I remember my introduction to Ms. Lively on screen and as soon as I heard her voice I knew I was a goner. I felt like that guy who just scored his first smooch-rapturous ecstasy. There is also Amber Heard; that super-hot babe from Nicholas Cage’s Drive Angry. She has a pair of gravity-defying buttocks so hot I could eat ice-cream off it, granted it’s a bit on the small side. Right, I should move on to the point of this post instead of revealing how utterly disconcerting my mind truly is. Bless my black heart. Continue reading


    “The weight of the world steadily increases on the shoulder,
    Loneliness and sorrow torments the mind as a black void takes up permanent residence in the soul…..”

Okay, that’s some pretty dark and heavy sh*t. Ah! You wondering why I have suddenly taken up macabre poetry right, well a near brush with death would do that to you. I know, a normal person would be singing hymns but y’all know Zibah is anything but normal. Continue reading


Hiya! Zibah here! The title is kinda morbid right? I know. It’s the title of a new song/Album by Lana Del Rey. No, she isn’t a 95years old lady with warts on her face and chin like a lizard’s gular fold. she is a 25years old pretty lady that sings like she is suffering from bouts of depression and just wants to die. Ok, that was harsh but was my exact impression of the lady when I watched her ‘Video Game’ music video. I was skipping through station on my satellite-enabled TV a few minutes later, absolutely bored, *skip-skip-change-skip* nothing remotely interesting so I leave the station on Nigezie or Kennis Music TV (can’t remember which. These music stations are like the MTV and Channel O of Nigeria). Anyway, after a few minutes, a mournful music intro was sneaking out through the TV’s speakers, I looked up, Artiste: Lana Del Rey, song: Born to die. No point changing the station so I decided to suffer through another mournful 3-4minutes of depressing sh*t. She started singing…with me staring morosely at the TV set till she was done. Ok, a part of the chorus registered in my consciousness so I decided to download the song and listen closely (it wouldn’t hurt to have diverse genre on my portable music player plus my music library needed a major overhaul). ‘Hmmm! It’s not so bad after all’. I said after having it on replay for a few minutes. Continue reading