Hiya, Zibah here. I know some of you are dying to know all the dirty deets of what I have been up to this past week, well here it is……nada. Yes, I have been up to absolutely nothing remarkable in the past week. The only incidence that comes to mind is that with the police; I was walking, lost in thought and was suddenly approached by a police-woman who asked that I relinquish hold of my messenger bag for it to be searched. My expression must have been like wt???….why me? Do I look like a threat to national security, me? I pray for the souls of mosquitoes before happily smashing them (ok, not really). Luckily, Zibah was in a good mood so my usually foul mouth was fortunately not present and I didn’t make any scathing remark for being ‘harassed’ and in the process provoke them. They let me go after they saw my NYSC ID card in my bag, calling me ‘Government pikin’ though the other policeman in the team couldn’t help casting covetous glances at my heavily padded wallet (little did he know it had more of business cards and scrap papers than Nigerian currency). Continue reading