Hey Zibah here, it’s been a sloooow week and the most exciting thing that has happened to me so far was probably my encounter with a road side beggar a few days ago. Before you scoff and close the page, just read the darn story.

I boarded a bus heading home, my driver- Joe was off taking care of his business (Joe is actually one of my closest buddy and I beg, bribe and sometimes threaten before he agrees to drive me anywhere. Yes jor, the car is his not mine…happy?). The bus was ‘loading’ passengers at the park, under a bridge at Ojuelegba and I was glad to see that my favourite spot at the extreme right of the back row seat of the bus was empty. I settle my bulk in and tried as much as possible to be comfortable and ignore the metal in the back-rest of the seat poking happily at my back. Under the bridge of Ojuelegba plays house to a number of people as they urinate, defecate and bath at the corners of the bridge, cook and trade at the centre or the  ‘leg’ of the bridge, smoke, eat, sleep and do other yet-to-be confirmed activities all under the same bridge. So yes, the bridge provides a home and source of livelihood to some people; touts and honest traders alike. Continue reading