Women are generally believed to be the most jealous of the sexes. That may be true and I’m sure there are several supporting examples dating back to the era of the Greek goddesses. However, men also have the uncanny ability to fall under the spell of jealousy. It is not something we will readily admit to. I have lost count of the number of times a buddy refused to talk to me because a girl he fancies cozied up to me or I got a new gadget he isn’t interested in but wants nonetheless or I get a new girlfriend (or side-side squeeze who happens to be hot) or purchased a pair of jeans (ridiculous yes but you best believe me). Well, below is a compiled list of things that gets our chains rankled, cause us to pause while raising our jealousy bar a notch higher;

The not-so-good-looking Guy that gets the chicks

brave man with the hot chic

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Hoe Hoe Hoes!!! Merry Christmas

Hoe Hoe Hoes!!! Merry Christmas.

The season of giving and rejoicing. Endeavor to touch a life; a widow somewhere, an orphan here, a suicide bomber there, a heartbroken chic etc. Share the love.

Finally, to those who are closest to your heart, show them how much you love ’em (emphasis on show).

Merry Christmas y’all
Love you plenty *scoops yogurt*

P.S I’m Lactose-intolerant after 9pm Dunno why, I’m hotwired like that so I would answer to the yogurt later today.

P.P.S Brace yourself, 2013 is upon us…*Battle station PEOPLE*

P.P.P.S Hilarious Christmas video. Share

P.P.S.S (sorry na, this is the last one, I promise) Go easy on the fireworks, some of us like it quiet.

Live, Love and Have fun


London 2012: Hilarious Images

The Olympic has come and gone. Yeah, Nigeria returned home with absolutely no medal and billions of Naira disappeared but that is not what this post is about. These are some of the amusing pictures from the event, they cracked me up real bad. Enjoy. Continue reading


Hey Zibah here, it’s been a sloooow week and the most exciting thing that has happened to me so far was probably my encounter with a road side beggar a few days ago. Before you scoff and close the page, just read the darn story.

I boarded a bus heading home, my driver- Joe was off taking care of his business (Joe is actually one of my closest buddy and I beg, bribe and sometimes threaten before he agrees to drive me anywhere. Yes jor, the car is his not mine…happy?). The bus was ‘loading’ passengers at the park, under a bridge at Ojuelegba and I was glad to see that my favourite spot at the extreme right of the back row seat of the bus was empty. I settle my bulk in and tried as much as possible to be comfortable and ignore the metal in the back-rest of the seat poking happily at my back. Under the bridge of Ojuelegba plays house to a number of people as they urinate, defecate and bath at the corners of the bridge, cook and trade at the centre or the  ‘leg’ of the bridge, smoke, eat, sleep and do other yet-to-be confirmed activities all under the same bridge. So yes, the bridge provides a home and source of livelihood to some people; touts and honest traders alike. Continue reading


Its unofficial information that may or may not be true

Rumour has it that;

  • Weird MC does in fact have a pen*s
  • A man’s G-spot can be found somewhere in his anus (hmmm! This explains a lot)
  • Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866 because the sound reminded him of his wife’s snore. Fact or fiction?
  • The first African American president of the USA ushered in a new dawn for the world; good or bad, time would tell
  • More germs are transferred shaking hands than kissing
  • The old civilisation gods and goddesses do exist. What have they been up to over the centuries? I dunno
  • A blackberry Porsche does have the ability to connect one to celestial beings. This rumour goes on to says that such connection is only possible via GLO BIS while standing in the middle of a highway
  • 10 percent of all human beings ever born are alive at this very moment
  • Homo sapiens are the mutant babies of two sexy primates Continue reading