Hoe Hoe Hoes!!! Merry Christmas

Hoe Hoe Hoes!!! Merry Christmas.

The season of giving and rejoicing. Endeavor to touch a life; a widow somewhere, an orphan here, a suicide bomber there, a heartbroken chic etc. Share the love.

Finally, to those who are closest to your heart, show them how much you love ’em (emphasis on show).

Merry Christmas y’all
Love you plenty *scoops yogurt*

P.S I’m Lactose-intolerant after 9pm Dunno why, I’m hotwired like that so I would answer to the yogurt later today.

P.P.S Brace yourself, 2013 is upon us…*Battle station PEOPLE*

P.P.P.S Hilarious Christmas video. Share

P.P.S.S (sorry na, this is the last one, I promise) Go easy on the fireworks, some of us like it quiet.

Live, Love and Have fun


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