On this day some several hundred years ago (or so granny claims), on the field of a battleground on a dark dark night, Zibah was pushed forward to become one with nature by an amazon princess. I was told that after a glance at the midwife who has a face like the butt of a bulldog (I met her once recently) I shrieked in horror and made to crawl back from whence I came. Ah! and the frigid night air made the decision much easier. My baby bum was turning blue. I thus earned the name Zibah meaning ‘mischief like dark chocolate’ (beats me too *shrugs*)

So here is to Zibah, a bloody lazy blogger but a jolly good fellow (Jessie said I should put as*hole instead…..sighs! such an uncouth lady), wishing myself a happy birthday. Don’t ask for my age, the only person that should know (Granny) suffers from selective amnesia so…..enjoy!!!

LET THE PARTY BEGIN….takes of clothes and begins gyrating to Tonto Dike’s “Hi”.

Love y’all


  1. Hope you had a wonderful one sha! I can see despite the bashings we all secretly love HI. Lol

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