Hey wasup y’all, Zibah here. Sure you have heard Rihanna’s ‘Where have you been’, one of those songs that; people like to find meaning in (true or otherwise I wonder, watcha think?), are abnormally noisy, lack content and at the end makes one weary. Well, today isn’t about the famous Rihanna, no sire. It’s about Zibah *bows graciously at the deafening applaud*. Where have you been Zibah?

*Frowns* did you even notice I was gone for almost 2months?

Initially, I planned to post

‘‘This is to notify all interested parties,

Zibah has been suffering from personal and morale issues.

 Pls bear with us.

Zibah would be back shortly



You know, make it seem all official then beat a hasty retreat before some of y’all with really nasty vocal cords start to cuss me in foreign languages but it felt lame.

Been a tad busy but I’m back now and to those that missed me well, >group hug<. If you didn’t even notice I was gone or you don’t give a rat’s ass, that’s just wrong *solemnly shaking my head*.

Oya play Mase’ ‘Welcome back song’ lets boogie till sunrise.




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