Hiya, Zibah here. I know some of you are dying to know all the dirty deets of what I have been up to this past week, well here it is……nada. Yes, I have been up to absolutely nothing remarkable in the past week. The only incidence that comes to mind is that with the police; I was walking, lost in thought and was suddenly approached by a police-woman who asked that I relinquish hold of my messenger bag for it to be searched. My expression must have been like wt???….why me? Do I look like a threat to national security, me? I pray for the souls of mosquitoes before happily smashing them (ok, not really). Luckily, Zibah was in a good mood so my usually foul mouth was fortunately not present and I didn’t make any scathing remark for being ‘harassed’ and in the process provoke them. They let me go after they saw my NYSC ID card in my bag, calling me ‘Government pikin’ though the other policeman in the team couldn’t help casting covetous glances at my heavily padded wallet (little did he know it had more of business cards and scrap papers than Nigerian currency).

Oh-kay before I get carried away and start to nag about the state of affairs in this country let me go back to the topic…. facial hair. Yep facial hair can make or mar your appearance seeing as a moustache, beard or heavy side burns on a fair lady is creepy and a badly scarred chin riddled with razor bumps and scar tissues is unsightly on a gentleman.

As a young dude, you probably started praying for facial hairs shortly after the onset of puberty and when you eventually developed some, you were ill-prepared to take care of it. Well, in my own case, I didn’t just pray, I acted and by acting I meaning pouring Methylated spirit and alcohol on a flat surface and leaving my jaw on it for hours, applying hair fertilizer to stimulate pubic hair growth (don’t even ask), mixing various hair stimulating creams and coating my chest and stomach before going to bed at night…yeah I’m frigging awesome like that. BTW, these products don’t work as hair growth is stimulated by hormones and not growth fertilizers. So you can quit your hair culturing sessions and make burnt offerings to Mother Nature to hasten the process instead. LOL

Ever heard of ingrown hairs or razor bumps? Or have you had a family of unsightly bumps nestled comfortably on your jaw/chin after shaving? I know I did the first time I shaved my barely-there stubble, in the hopes of experiencing a growth spurt of hairs.

Ingrown hairs usually results when hair grows sideways into the skin instead of breaking through the surface. There are numerous causes for ingrown hair. For instance, you may be more prone to ingrown hairs if; you have coarse facial hair, your skin lacks moisture or if your face is very oily. Improper shaving can also lead to ingrown hairs and are in fact, the most common causes of this condition.

Zibah’s Says:

Exfoliate and employ proper shaving tools/technique as it can go a long way in preventing ingrown hair or eliminating them should they appear.

Dermatologist Says:

Place a warm damp clean cloth over your face to open the pores as often as you can (preferably once a week). This will make coaxing out stubborn hairs easier then use a gentle facial scrub (consult a dermatologist to identify product suitable for your skin type) to slough of the dead skin on your face which may otherwise block your hair follicle. Also, be conscious of the fact that excess pressure on your razor while shaving could result in your hairs being clipped too close to your skin increasing the likelihood that you’ll be seeing ingrown hairs.

Though similar to ingrown hair, razor bumps occur when hair curls, then grows back into the skin causing inflammation and possibly, infection. On the skin, razor bumps may resemble pimples and like ingrown hair, are more common with men with very thick curly hair.

Zibah says:

Uhm… Zibah doesn’t really have anything to say, sha see a dermatologist or grow out your facial hair Rick Ross or Oliver De Coque style thus, trimming only when necessary and preventing the need to shave close to the skin.

Dermatologist says:

If you are required say at work to appear clean shaven or you just dig the look, try adopting a different approaching to shaving; switch to a single blade razor, shave with a light hand and try not to shave every day, what you are trying to avoid is shaving too close because doing so will make it more difficult for your facial hair to exit their follicle correctly.

While a well groomed man can cause ladies to swoon helplessly at his feet, shaving if done carelessly or inappropriately can result in some not-so-pleasing consequences and even permanent scarring in some cases. Thus, it is necessary to; pay attention to skin type, use appropriate shaving tools, employ the right shaving technique and treat any symptom that may result from any shaving mishap.

Since we are talking hairs, I was just wondering if someone could enlighten me on the purpose of hairs in places like the arm, back and in some cases, the backside.

Ok that is that about facial hair. Remember, the effect of expensive clothes can be negated by an awful facial appearance.

P.S. Zibah is by no means an expert in Dermatology thus; you are advised to seek assistance from a trained Dermatologist should you have further questions.

Stay fly



  1. ℓ☺ℓ @ hair fertilizers. While d guys r tryin to grow our their hair, d gals r tryin to remove theirs smh such is life

  2. @Zibah, your blog is one of the most hillarious ones I’ve ever visited. I’ve been laughing all morning since I started reading. Nice lectures, thought in such funny relaxing manner, one can’t help but read to the last page.
    @Facial hair, well, I’m a lady and I’ll say, you hit the nail on the head. I hate seeing guys with bumps on their faces.

  3. Nice post. But seriously those shaving bumps can be quite unsightly and, sometimes, painful. So if you get them in spite of all the precautions and advice on how to shave to avoid getting them it is nice to know there are products you can use not only to get rid of them, but more importantly, to stop them dead in their tracks in future. There are so-called remedies you are told would do the job, and later find they don’t work because they are based on wrong assumptions about why and how you get bumps after shaving. Well, somebody has cared enough to actually look in detail at this problem which plagues about four in every five black persons. They found that bumps quite simply happen because of the skin reacting to the trauma of shaving and infection of the shaved skin. So how do you stop having them after shaving? You do that by applying something to calm post-shaving irritation and skin infection. As it happens there is just such a product which you can get at This aftershave lotion is alcohol-free and fragrance-free, and is ideal for sensitive skin. If you have already got the shaving bumps or ingrown hairs or both there is also available a lotion that would get rid of them in a few days. It too can be obtained at This lotion would disinfect the skin thus getting rid of the infection. It would also dry up the razor/shaving bumps and heal the skin. By drying up the bumps entrapped ingrown hairs are freed so you do not have to try and free them with tweezers, an operation that spreads the infection and makes matters worse. There are lots of testimonials from happy and satisfied users of these and other products on this site where you will also find out why black people tend to suffer more from shaving bumps than people who have lighter skin. Orders of £50 or more are shipped FREE to the UK and USA. Why not take a look now?

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