I hate going to bed knowing that I have an early morning the following day. One of the perks of  being ‘self-employed’ is that one can afford a flexible schedule and seriously, waking up by 5am is inhumane, cruel, sadistic, atrocious, callous….okay, you get the point right? I’m not lazy.

I had business to attend to really early yesterday. Was all set to go when I noticed that the weather was in a bad mood-‘uh-oh, it’s gonna rain’. Its 6:37am and I can barely see where my mouth is as I shove badly made toast down my throat. Anyway, it was dark and still looked like it was 4am. Ordinarily if I were indoors, I would have panicked (aka play loud music and pretend that the sound of thunder is Lana Del Rey trying to annoy me. I hate rains that bear a resemblance to dark storms, they erm….spook me. No, I’m not a chicken) but fortunately, I was outside. I pop into the car as the wind picks up, rumblings sky in the distant horizon, claps of thunder there and a spooked Zibah here. A short distance away from my home and the rain starts. I slowed down to snail speed (my best-friend’s aged granny would have outpaced me with her eyes closed while even managing to swivel her hips in the process). Visibility dropped to nearly zero. It was raining so hard and the drainage was filling up so fast, I couldn’t distinguish potholes (roads) from drains and I had to park the car at a gas (erm….filling) station, after all of what use is Zibah groomed impeccably and lounging in a coffin? None right? I thought so too.

Taking a look around, I noticed several people drenched to their undies (blue boxers here, brown panties there- uhm! I looked till I spotted the undergarment. So, sue me), trying to find shelter and a safe spot as Hurricane Iyabo (someone came up with the name and I find it insanely hilarious) pelted them mercilessly.

Grief can only last so long as a few minutes later the dark clouds drifted away and the smiling face of the beautiful sun graced us with its radiant smile (am i getting poetic or is it my sleep-deprived brain at work-sips black coffee from a mug). Anyway, Iyabo was pacified and left in her wake destruction; the broken glass doors of a fast food joint, the shredded roof at Tejuosho market, the tree limbs littering the road, the IT mast that was forced to its knees…the slightly terrified Zibah etc.

Anyway, was on time for my meeting. Yes, it was successful but coming back to my home was a challenge as the road leading to it was major flooded. The road is usually terrible on Iyabo-free days so you can imagine. *Sighs* when would the government in this country discover a way to make life more comfortable for Zibah?

Gotta go now, today is Valentine’s Day. No plans yet. Whatever y’all end up doing today, make sure it is something you would be proud to say to your folks or religious leaders or shrinks (in my case). I’m not a prude. Know what the day stands for and don’t abuse it. Me? Well if I don’t get a valentine gift(s), would give some people hell…..Zibah style.

Goodnight or morning or…whatever *turn off lamp*

Valentine Hearts









4 thoughts on “HURRICANE IYABO

  1. A very humorous and amusing account of your daily life, it’s your great sense of humor that made this an interesting read! And a great description too on the hurricane, it was almost like I was there with you when everything happened. Thanks for the great advice which I think everyone should follow, don’t abuse Valentine’s Day!

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