Hiya! Zibah here! The title is kinda morbid right? I know. It’s the title of a new song/Album by Lana Del Rey. No, she isn’t a 95years old lady with warts on her face and chin like a lizard’s gular fold. she is a 25years old pretty lady that sings like she is suffering from bouts of depression and just wants to die. Ok, that was harsh but was my exact impression of the lady when I watched her ‘Video Game’ music video. I was skipping through station on my satellite-enabled TV a few minutes later, absolutely bored, *skip-skip-change-skip* nothing remotely interesting so I leave the station on Nigezie or Kennis Music TV (can’t remember which. These music stations are like the MTV and Channel O of Nigeria). Anyway, after a few minutes, a mournful music intro was sneaking out through the TV’s speakers, I looked up, Artiste: Lana Del Rey, song: Born to die. No point changing the station so I decided to suffer through another mournful 3-4minutes of depressing sh*t. She started singing…with me staring morosely at the TV set till she was done. Ok, a part of the chorus registered in my consciousness so I decided to download the song and listen closely (it wouldn’t hurt to have diverse genre on my portable music player plus my music library needed a major overhaul). ‘Hmmm! It’s not so bad after all’. I said after having it on replay for a few minutes.

The song ‘Born to die’ can be interpreted in several ways but I’m most comfortable with this (actually, I’m just too lazy to come up with other interpretations) ‘‘Feet don’t fail me now, take me to the finish line …’’ points to her indecisiveness, fear and longing for a man. She seems to want more than love when she says ‘‘don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry, Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough…’’.

Come and take a walk on the wild side-Let me kiss (fu*k in some versions) you hard in the pouring rain-you like your girls insane (Zib’s interpretation: it seems like she is referring to a tumultuous relationship in which she had to alter her persona to be accepted by the guy). Choose your last words-This is the last time-Cause you and I, we were born to die’’ (Zib’s interpretation: she realizes that the relationship would never work and that it has been doomed from the beginning).

Something else snagged my attention in the music video of Born to Die. Something that felt subtly sinister (erm…can’t lay my fingers on it just yet). There were also multiple images making reference to death. All in all, an ill-fated relationship (Gee! emotions make humans such fragile beings)

The complete lyrics can be found here and strangely, Born to die is now the No 12 most played song on my music player (a no easy feat) out of 20 others that I have had for much longer.

By the way, I humbly accept being overly critical in my judgment of Miss Lana Del Rey (Real name Elizabeth Grant). While Miss L (too lazy to type the full name) may not have Celine Dion’s pitch or Taylor Swift’s youthful timbre (whatever that means) or Macy Gray’s huskiness, what she does have is plenty load of talent and a unique voice (even if it makes me sleepy sometimes) and a new fan, me. No, I don’t intend to send her fan-love mails or a box of chocolate or an aquarium filled with piranhas. I just want to wish her success in her career and point out that if she were a Nigerian artiste she would have to brace herself for a life of poverty because she is going to be broke for life (*raising hands in surrender* it’s just my opinion, calm down). My impression of Nigerians (especially people in Lagos) is that they have no time to suffer through sorrowful music (well, except those suffering from heartbreak which seems to be quite common these days (subsidy removal and all). Nigerians seem to be…how do I say this….always on the move. Everything for them has to be NOW.

Finally, my point with all the above yammering is…..huh! *scratches head* I don’t quite remember my point anymore. It probably got lost somewhere in this post. Do me a favor and re-read the post, you would surely find one or two moral lesson somewhere. *sighs* I’m afraid poor old Zibah is going senile.

P.S. Is it me or does Miss L have Angelina Jolie’s lips? *peering closer*

Anyway, a thoroughly exhausted Zibah needs to shut down. I had an exhausting but awesome experience at the Christian place of worship. The deets? My my, aren’t you a nosy one? Would post it as soon as possible.


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