I love music. Granted, my singing voice makes me cringe nevertheless, I have a healthy dose of respect for people with healthy lungs. Holla at Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and even Shayne Ward vocal prowess. With him, I’m a tad confused as my research of male human puberty points to the period when the voice cracks and becomes hoarse. So except Shane Ward is a eunuch, how is he able to carry such high notes (note to self: send a mail to Shayne Ward politely requesting for medical report on his reproductive biology).

Anyway, since I currently reside in Lagos state, Nigeria. I have unhindered access to all the local music and I gotta say artistes like Waje, Darey, Asa, J-Martins, Retta (she is still relatively new to the scene, I love her ‘Tomorrow’ video), Tiwa Savage, Banky W, Weird MC, (she says she’s female, but I need confirmation because I have cause to believe she has the masculine genitalia. C’mon, how else would you explain the serious nigger attitude and the not-quite-visible-boobs plus she doesn’t wear panties) etc make me really proud of Nigerians.

Weird MC
Tiwa Savage

Some may wonder why the ‘musical hurricane’- Wizkid isn’t mentioned here. As much as I like and dance (yes, I dance) to some of his songs, he feels very Beiber-ish to me i.e. a little overhyped (hey, no angry glare, it’s just my humble opinion). Lately, I have developed a thing for the Akpako master-Terry G *sighs*. While I maintain that the dude isn’t mentally balanced, what does it say of the listener’s (me) mental health? Am I unstable too?

Terry G

Presently, my favest 9ja jams (9ja? who funkified the country’s name-Nigeria anyway? Is it legal? Do I have to update my database to include the name? Answers please) are Retta’s Tomorrow, Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy’s Without my Heart, J Martins ft Cabo Snoop and Waje- Goodtym and Chuddy K’s Gaga crazy (I especially like the chorus where he says ‘‘…sugar cane no be bamboo, Chuddy K no be baboon….’’. It’s hilarious because he does look like a baboon in my opinion. Nah, i’m just being mean).

Chuddy K

In other parts of Africa, I doff my hat for Stella Mwangi. I like the funky way she sings, I find it strangely sexy. Fally Ipupa (he looks especially like one of the twins from the sensational P-square duo…Peter I think). Cabo Snoop, while he isn’t exactly visually pleasing, he’s got skills to make Shakira go green with envy. Finally, Camp Mulla. I love their club jam- Party don’t stop.

Stella Mwangi
Fally Ipupa

Anyway, what African artiste do you fancy?

* inserts  Onyeka Onwenu Iyogogo Album* Hey! Its African music appreciation night. *turns off lamp*



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