I  came across a weird piece of male undergarment that left me bamboozled (*giggles*). I stared at it in awe and was quite puzzled about the design. This weird (weird to me anyway) male undergarment/panties is called a jockstrap. I did a ‘lil research and discovered that the jockstrap has been around for a while. It was invented in 1874 with the sole purpose of protecting the male gemstone especially those belonging to men involved in sports. It also provides support much like a bra, with a fabric pouch keeping the intimate area safely contained. Protection was provided with the addition of an optional cup that guarded against any potential impact.

A traditional jockstrap design utilizes a waistband, open rear (thus, a bum exposed to the elements? I don’t see the point here), supportive pouch and usually coming in boring shades of black or white. Currently, the jockstrap has been made into a fashion item. Today, there are several colours and types of modern jockstraps involving about five different fabrics each combined for visual appeal and functional purpose; Cotton provides comfort and absorbency. Rayon provides a visual sheen. Nylon provides a smooth texture and shiny finish. Polyamide adds durability and strength. Finally, spandex is used for its superb elasticity and ability to stretch without distorting the fabric.

There, I am done. Now the question is ‘Do Nigerian wear jockstraps for sport, as a fashion accessory….at all’? (I can just picture an agbero (a local ruffian) clad in only jockstrap chasing a commercial bus for money. Hilarious right?). Anyway, Can u wear a jockstrap underneath; your suit to work, your already constricting skinny jeans (with this alone, I’m surprised a male gemstone hasn’t ‘deflated’…yet), your native wears, your gym or football shorts. Can u wear a jockstrap, period?

P.S. These were the sanest/ most boring pictures I could find. I didn’t want barely concealed male booties all over my blog. What? You want more booties? Google ‘em then.




  1. The fascinating history regarding the jockstrap… We have to visit all the way back to the 1870s, and a Mr. Bennett of Chicago, who was simply obviously *very* troubled concerning the particular hurt in which cobbled pavement did to street bike courier’s balls. All that unchecked bouncing about kept him up during the night. Poor Mr. Bennett. However fortunately for the bi-cycle messengers (as well as ‘jockeys’), Mr. Bennett had a good idea, and that he referred to it as after these individuals. The ‘jock strap’ was created. Fast-forward 50 years to the 1920s, and a young Canadian known as Jack Cartlege. Jack adored his hockey *almost* as much as he cherished slipping on his most liked jock strap, but it wasn’t until one fateful day in 1927 that Jack realized (the hard way!) that his jock strap was no rivalry for any hockey puck in the crotch. Jack wasn’t massively excited on repeating the experience, and who places blame on him, so he arrived up with the ingenious idea of slipping a hard goblet down the top of his jock strap. The design was quickly branded and manufacturing started out. Guys no longer had to live in being nervous about a stray puck, ball or studded boot. Jack’s combo of jock strap and protecting cup had become the anchor of boys’ school sports kit throughout the globe through out the twentieth century, until under garments manufacturers such as Andrew Christian, C-in2 and Addicted commenced reinventing the typical style and design. Out gone the ugly shade of off-white and also the unattractive waistbands, and in came a brand new range of revolutionary cuts and shapes, and exciting colors. These modern jock straps would be the perfect balance between design and performance – as great around the track or in the gym because they are under a set of jeans, or suit trousers if you’re game for it. Business right in front, party in the back!

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